The world’s largest prison contains more than 24 million captives.

They have no contact with the outside world, no free will, and no hope of escape. This is the reality for all those imprisoned inside the borders of North Korea.

Since the end of the Korean War, the government and ruling familixes of North Korea have kept a stranglehold on its citizen’s livelihood and rights. From the country’s turbulent beginnings to its current policies, North Korea is a land that seems to be shrouded in mystery. Inner information is scarce, and what has been revealed by the country’s leaders and leaked media sources have been focused too heavily on the ruling family’s nuclear weapons policies and not on those who are dealing with oppression, poverty, and inequality — its citizens.

Breaking any of these mandates is punishable by torture, internal exile, forced labor, or execution. The worst form of this control over country’s citizens is the 5 political prison camps

These camps can hold up to 200,000 people who have “wronged the state.” Those who are interned are living on meager rations and subjected to hard labor. But individuals are not the only ones charged — entire families can be condemned to keep the country’s reputation from being further marred.

Few try to escape, and even fewer survive.

Those living in North Korea are kept within its borders by fear and destitution.

The gap between the riches of Pyongyang, the country’s capital, and the poverty-stricken outskirts has become an ever-widening gulf, and every generation is suffering.

Because of the country’s use of funds to support government stability rather than its people, 1 in 4 children in North Korea are malnourished.

The most important question is:
what can we do about it?

To ensure that the Land of Kim Project is as truthful and in-depth as possible, we have collaborated footage of interviews from experts and now we are working to send a team to South Korea to speak with refugees who have managed to escape the tyranny of their former home.

Educating others is a way to transform North Korea — to take what was once irreversible and turn it into a land of change and promise.

The Land of Kim Project stands beside the North Korean citizens to help create a driving force for change. Through this documentary, we can educate others and encourage action to be taken. Help support awareness — help support liberty.